The Contemporary College of Homeopathy supports homeopathic education in Ghana

The Contemporary College of Homeopathy supports homeopathic education in Ghana

The Contemporary College of Homeopathy, working in partnership with the Premier International School of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine (PISHAM) and The Ghana Homeopathy Project, offers a four year professional homeopathic training, leading to a Diploma in Homeopathy.

This is a groundbreaking initiative as it is the first training of its kind in West Africa. It is a truly international venture with teachers from the UK travelling to Ghana and working together with the principal Dr Julius Berdie and Course Leader, Grace Rhoomes who run the Accra school. Students gain clinical experience in urban and rural outreach clinics, which offer low cost homeopathic treatment.

This initiative is welcomed by the Health Ministry in Ghana, who have created a dedicated department, the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Directorate, to support the regulated training of professional homeopaths and other traditional and alternative medicine practitioners.

Students from The Contemporary College of Homeopathy have the opportunity to take part in Ghana based training programmes.

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Here’s what some of our Ghana students have to say:

“I am so happy to be here I have learnt a lot for the study of homeopathy. I want to continue these studies and make sure I become a wonderful homeopath – this is my aim. Thanks for all that has been given but we still need more support to carry out our activities successfully” – Martin Gbafa, 4th year PISHAM student.

“We want to extend our sincere gratitude for all the support given to us. We appreciate the books and study materials. We believe that in the near future we will see wonderful homeopaths in Ghana, who will succeed the great homeopaths before us” – Ken Tetteh, PISHAM Student

“I am Noble a 3rd year student at PISHAM. Thank you for passing so much knowledge to us we hope that in the near future homeopaths will be everywhere in Ghana, we love and cherish you” – Noble Lionel, 3rd year PISHAM Student.

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