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About The Contemporary College of Homeopathy

The Contemporary College of Homeopathy was founded in 1996. Our aim is to provide students with a comprehensive and stimulating professional homeopathic education.

Mike Bridger, principal, is passionate about clear and accessible information in homeopathy. He wants students to leave the college able to successfully and effectively communicate to patients about their illness in a meaningful and easily understood way. Our experienced staff deliver an approach and method to homeopathic practice and teaching that provides inspiration, clarity, simplicity and understanding.

We encourage a style of teaching that is entertaining and enjoyable, and this is very much part of the ethos of the college. Gaining a solid foundation and understanding of Homeopathy in theory and practice gives you the confidence and freedom to explore and develop your studies and a successful future practice.


Letter from the Principal

Picture Mike Bridger Principal

"Thank you for showing an interest in our college. I wanted to write something personally about how the college came about. I have been practicing and teaching homeopathy for over thirty-five years. I became interested after reading a book about it. I was hooked and have been ever since. I have never lost my excitement for the subject. It is an extraordinary privilege to be able to listen to people’s stories, to have the tools to be able to work out exactly where they are stuck in their health, why they are sick and how to get them better.

To be a homeopath, you need to be fascinated by people. It is very humbling to realise just how extraordinary so many apparently ordinary people are. I am endlessly curious to know why people choose to do what they do as well as exploring why people get ill in the first place.

When I started the Contemporary College of Homeopathy in 1996, I wanted the learning and teaching to reflect the emphasis in homeopathy on the individual. This means that we teach a variety of approaches while strictly adhering to the foundations of traditional homeopathic thought. This enables students to make their own choice about their own way of practice. It is important that our students feel empowered in their experience of homeopathy and also that they do not think that homeopathy is the only valid system of medicine and healing.

The approach of the college to homeopathy is that it is part of a whole. Every branch of healing seems to consider itself as holistic, but a branch is only a part of a tree. Holistic health is not the prerogative of any one of these systems but the totality of them all. This ‘whole’ includes not only other useful therapies such as acupuncture, nutrition, osteopathy and other alternative disciplines, but also orthodox medicine too.

The other important belief underpinning our college is that a system of healing is of little use if kept in the bounds of the intellect, theorising and metaphysical speculations. Homeopathy is relevant to our patients or it is not relevant at all. Our studies are grounded in experience and observation; the teaching clinic makes sure that students do not drift off and become ‘so heavenly that they are of no earthly use whatsoever’- as a friend of mine once put it.

I am proud to say that the majority of students leave the college and become successful practitioners."

With best wishes

Mike Bridger

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