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One Year Foundation Course

One Year Part Time Foundation Course

This course is ideal for those who are curious about the practice and the theory behind homeopathy. It is a chance to learn the fascinating philosophy behind this world-wide medical therapy.  The course will include how diseases and sickness are treated with homeopathy. The course focuses on Materia Medica and the remedies used to treat the individual physical symptoms of the patient.  Students will be taught the psychological essences and personality types found in homeopathic remedies and there will be extensive coverage of the use of homeopathy in a wide range of conditions including first aid situations, acute and chronic ailments.   

This one year course is designed to be self- contained and complete within itself. For people who are not sure whether they want to study and train to be a practitioner then this course allows them to take their interest further without committing to the full four- year practitioner training.  If a student decides to continue into the professional training course then they have the option to transfer to the second year at the end of completing the one year course. 

The course consists of ten weekends which are approximately one month apart. Weekends are supported by some home study and assignments.

Dates for the current academic year 2023 - 2024:
(2023) Oct 7/8,  Nov 4/5,  Dec 2/3
(2024) Jan 6/7,  Feb 3/4,  March 2/3,  April 6/7, May 11/12, June 8/9,  July 6/7

Dates for the coming academic year 2024 - 2025:
(2024) Oct 12/13,  Nov 9/10,  Dec 14/15
(2025) Jan 11/12,  Feb 8/9,  March 8/9,  April 5/6, May 10/11, June 7/8,  July 5/6

Course Fees. £1999. This includes an initial £199.00 deposit. The balance can be paid in either ten monthly instalments or three term instalments. Fees are reduced to £1950 if paid in full.

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