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Orion Postgraduate Course 2025!

The Orion postgraduate course will be back from March - July 2025. This 50-hour part-time programme is designed for practitioners to expand their skills and understanding of the complex subject of homeopathy.  Mike Bridger and Dion Tabrett have many years of experience in practice and teaching, which enables them to simplify complexities, dismiss the absurd and impart their knowledge in a lively and enjoyable way.  Their love of the work is both infectious and inspiring, and not surprisingly the course has moved from strength to strength over the years.

Mike's unique contribution to homeopathic thinking is the system of 'case mapping'. He has taught this subject for many years and the detailed knowledge he imparts will transform your practice, making it more enjoyable and successful.  While rigorously adhering to Hahnemannian and Kentian philosophy, Mike illustrates how treatment is a process rather than a single act and often requires more than one remedy.  By looking at the initial case it is possible to predict the course of treatment that a patient undergoes and therefore be able to deal with critical situations with confidence and skill.

Dion operates from a similar perspective but focuses particularly on his love of Francisco Eizayaga and James Compton Burnett.  He published his first book, Burnett Rediscovered, in 2017 and has enviable skill in clinical prescribing, often utilising his profound knowledge of the smaller remedies. Suffice to say there is an extraordinary chemistry between these two lecturers which will invigorate those who are feeling a little 'stale' or disillusioned in practice, as well as those needing inspiration for starting out on the road to being a homeopath.

Venue: Engineers' House, Clifton, Bristol  

(2025) Mar 08 & 09; Apr 12 & 13; May 10 & 11; June 14 & 15 and July 5th & 6th 

Fee: £1125. Early bird rate of £995 ends 31st October 2024
(A payment plan is available if paying the full fee)


We strongly believe in the value of meeting face-to-face to get the best out of the lectures, case sharing and connecting with your piers. The course requires that you attend at least three out of the five weekends in-person at Engineers’ House, Bristol. If you are unable to attend on the other two weekends, you will be able to access the lectures live via Zoom. 


‘I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed the Orion course with Mike and Dion. It was exactly what I needed, at the right time (two years after graduating from Purton House). I have to say, that of all the lectures and learning over the years, it is the Orion notes I refer to the most.’  

Selena - Orion graduate & current Chair, Society of Homeopaths

'Practising homeopathy is rewarding, challenging, enlightening but can also sometimes feel like working in a vacuum. Mike and Dion's Orion course, which I completed 8 years after qualifying, was such a wonderful, intensive reconnection process, bringing renewed passion and confidence. With practical support for difficult cases, opening up some different perspectives to case taking; through meeting and being back in flow with other homeopaths who understood the challenges of everyday practice; but mostly by having two inspiring and compassionate teachers and working homeopaths. Mike and Dion remind us all that it's about people; it's about listening, understanding, having the intellectual rigour..... but also having fun!'
                                                                                                                            Kate - Orion Graduate

'I loved the Orion course! I often remember the tips we learnt and use them often in my practice - keep it simple; don't overcomplicate your prescriptions; follow the remedy relationships and many more. Mike and Dion are fantastic teachers who give a lightness to this sometimes very difficult subject.'
                                                                                                                     Caroline - Orion Graduate

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Using case mapping, Mike shows how it is possible to view treatment as a process moving through a number of remedies rather than always a search for a single one...

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NEW! Orion Audio Book Download

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