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Fundamentals of Homeopathy

Fundamentals of Homeopathy

Unique opportunity in South Devon

Introductory course for anyone curious about the practice and theory of homeopathy. By studying the fundamentals of homeopathy, students can gain a solid understanding of the foundations on which the principles and philosophy of homeopathy are based. Case analysis and case taking techniques, including using the Repertory, provides more skills to use homeopathy. With this strong framework, students can then gain a working knowledge of some of the most commonly indicated and used remedies, including a comprehensive study of first aid remedies, as well as other well-known remedies.



Health, illness and disease

Law of similars



Herrings Law of Cure



Case Taking

Skills and techniques

Introduction to the Repertory


Symptoms and signs

Remedy differentiation and comparison

Acute and chronic prescribing

Materia Medica

Acute and chronic remedies

First aid remedies

Acute remedies for children, fevers, trauma

Remedies for constitutional and chronic prescribing


Weekends are supported by some home study and assignments.

Support is given through tutorials, and study skills as needed.

The Tutors are highly experienced homeopaths and teachers.

Complete in itself, this course has potential/credits to lead on to second year of practitioner training with The Contemporary College of Homeopathy which is accredited by the Society of Homeopaths.

The course consists of 5 weekends which are approximately one-month apart.


Venue: Historic market town of Totnes, South Devon.

Course fees: £1,000. This includes an initial £200 deposit.

For further details contact:

Jacki Becker RS Hom
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M: 07792 059867
E: jacki.becker@virgin.net