Ghana Homeopathy Project

The Contemporary College of Homeopathy has supported The Ghana Homeopathy Project (Charity no 1125981) since it’s inception 5 years ago. Contemporary College teacher Linda Shannon was invited to Ghana to introduce homeopathy to a Primary Health Care centre based in a village in the Volta region of Ghana. The villagers reported good results from their treatment as as a result, Emperor Tsamenyi, the Director of the centre became inspired to study to become a homeopath. From these small beginnings the project has grown as people sometimes walk for many miles to be treated by Emperor with his little white pills! There in a Ghanaian village homeopathy is offered alongside more conventional treatments in an integrated approach to healthcare

Many experienced homeopaths and teachers have travelled to Ghana to share their knowledge and skills with our Ghanaian students and we are now training 16 students in Accra attending a Diploma course accredited at government level. Homeopathy has much to offer as a health care choice in developing countries. It is both effective and affordable. Without the ongoing support from the Contemporary College of Homeopathy the project could not have become what it is today.

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