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Anger…a Lockdown Legacy by Vanessa (CCH Student)

 “ HURT sat like a giant boulder on his chest…the PAIN was sharp…he saw only BLACK, nothing but black space, then it shifted and there were spikes of RED, transforming in to molten lava, spreading through him. Spewing VENOM and rage, the molten lava he saw became a boiling cauldron of FURY… he saw himself […]

Waiting for Covid-19 by Alison (CCH Student)

There is an eery silence in vacant streets of Ireland, some have described it like a ghost town with a depressing feeling. The birds are singing in clear skies and the network of Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts and Whats app arebuzzing with updates of numbers of cases and number of deaths as people try to communicate […]

Professional Homeopathy Course, Fourth Year Student Articles

In 2013, The Contemporary College of Homeopathy was asked to contribute several articles to an online Homeopathic journal which is published in the United States. When we proposed this to our fourth year students, they were enthusiastic about the prospect of researching and writing these articles. Six months later we had several very interesting and […]