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Celebrating 25 years of The Contemporary College of Homeopathy – An interview between Louise Hall and Mike Bridger

(first published in New Homeopath, Summer 2022, Society of Homeopaths) LH: The Contemporary College of Homeopathy is currently celebrating its 25th year. Take us back to when and where it all began. MB: It all began in the garden. Adam was there. Eve had gone shopping. LH: Not that far back! How about circa 1996? […]

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The forgotten cell salts by Liam (CCH Graduate)

What are cell salts?Today it is quite widely known that Dr Schuessler, a biochemist and homeopath, discovered cell salts from the combustion of human cells. They were residual minerals found within the tissues that were examined, and there were 12 of which were the most abundant. Natrum mur (sodium chloride), calc phos (calcium phosphate) and […]