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The forgotten cell salts by Liam (CCH Graduate)

What are cell salts?
Today it is quite widely known that Dr Schuessler, a biochemist and homeopath, discovered cell salts from the combustion of human cells. They were residual minerals found within the tissues that were examined, and there were 12 of which were the most abundant. Natrum mur (sodium chloride), calc phos (calcium phosphate) and kali phos (potassium phosphate) are but a few key ones, and are also big and important
homeopathic remedies in their own right. These minerals are vital for proper human health in the right balance. Indeed, even modern science shows how important they are for cellular health, organ health and even mental health. Natrum mur for example assists with cellular water balance, with the sodium/potassium system the body has. Potassium phosphate can be found in the brain tissues and nervous system and is integral for proper function of these within our body. Schuessler found that these salts,
when used in a low homeopathic potency for many weeks or months, assisted in creating the proper level and balance of the mineral within the tissues. It would enhance absorption and distribution, almost like an instruction to use the right minerals to assist with curing a disease state.

How are they made and prescribed ?
In homeopathy we have a method of creating remedies, whereby their dilution and potency increase as we ascend the numbers. This scale used for cell salts is the 1x-60x scale, which is generally a lower to mid potency scale. The minerals are triturated from the original substance and then diluted with water and alcohol, they are then administered to sucrose or lactose pills. They are taken dissolved in water or under the tongue daily. The potentised form of the mineral is easily recognised by the body for use and assist in absorption and distribution of the compound as needed.
All of these tissue salts are almost universally prescribed at a 6x potency for a good reason (although can be in 3x and 12x on occasion). Firstly, the 6x potency is a good gentle potency for almost anyone in terms of its vibratory healing force. This is because it can be taken daily for many months often with minimal, if any aggravations or side effects, and adjusted in terms of how often it is taken easily. It also makes prescriptions easy to make. Additionally, 6x is known as a good physical potency for remedies. Lower potencies that still contain some of the original substance can be quickly up taken physically by the body and tend to work well on the physical plane of
our bodies. There can be spiritual, or electro magnetic effects of course still too, but generally the physical plane is being nourished well. This is also a good idea considering these remedies are mineral based.

What are the “forgotten” cell salts exactly?
Something that does not get discussed much are the lesser known, smaller cell salts. There are fifteen of them in total, and there are some which again, appear as good homeopathic remedies in their own right, such as kali bich (potassium dichromate) and calc carb (calcium carbonate). These both help with chromium related blood sugar imbalances, sinusitis (kali bich) and calcium (calc carb) imbalances in the body respectively. Interestingly too, modern science has since shown the importance of chromium for bringing glucose into the cell for effective use. There’s a ton of other salts here that area also worth exploring and knowing. To have 27 tissue salts, and potential homeopathic remedies at your fingertips, in a world where people are incredibly low in vital minerals with various diseases, is indeed a powerful thing to have in assisting others through their illnesses of any kind.

The fifteen cell salts that are not used so often are as follows:
Salt Affinity
No. 13 Potassium arsenite Skin, vitality
No. 14 Potassium bromide Nervous system, skin
No. 15 Potassium iodide Thyroid gland
No. 16 Lithium chloride Rheumatism, nerves
No. 17 Manganese sulphate Iron system
No. 18 Calcium sulphide Vitality, body weight
No. 19 Copper arsenite Digestive system, kidneys
No. 20 Potassium aluminium sulphuricum Digestive system, nervous system
No. 21 Zinc chloride Metabolism, womb, nerves
No. 22 Calcium carbonate Vitality, Anti Aging, Calcium system
No. 23 Sodium bicarbonate Purification, Body acid balance
No. 24 Arsenic iodide Skin, allergies
No. 25 Aurum Chloratum Natronatum Day and night rhythm, female reproductive organs
No. 26 Selenium Liver, blood vessels
No. 27 Potassium dichromate Blood, sugar metabolism

This table is provided courtesy of https://schuessler-cell-salts.com/list/index.htm. It provides the name of each salt and a simple outline of the affinity they have with enhancing the function of the body. These cell salts can have many uses beyond what I’ve listed here, this is just the predominant use. I would recommend https://schuessler-cell-salts.com/additional-cell-salts to see everything that each one can do. This is article is a simplified guide and introduction.

Let’s take a slightly more refined look at them then with included facial diagnoses.

What is a facial diagnosis?
These facial diagnoses are useful in assisting with whether or not someone may need the cell salts, because the illnesses that occur in a deficiency can be seen here. When there is a chronic deficiency or even an excess of one mineral, this usually affects the health of various systems in the body which show keynotes in our facial complexion. For example, someone low on bioavailable sodium chloride (Nat Mur) may have signs of water imbalance under the eyes, with puffiness and sensitivity to touch, They are likely to have dryer skin due to water imbalance, especially around the eyes and scalp (dandruff). Dark circles are also common under the eyes because they are often a little anaemic due to the water imbalance and often grief/gloomy emotional state which is in part caused by the deficiency. Larger pores and excessive moisture can be found when there is too much water rather than too little. Every cell salt has its corresponding telltale signs, be they dryness, moisture, grease, eczema, frown lines, excessive wrinkling and creasing in an area, and so on. Some of this can be
related to organ affinities they may also have, such as the liver, kidneys etc.

The forgotten cell salts
Potassium arsenite, is a salt formed of potassium and arsenic, which sounds highly poisonous from the get go. In fact, surprisingly, the cell salt is needed in very small quantities for balance of the tissues. An excess or deficiency can cause complications related heavily to the health of the skin/hair and liver. There can be corresponding states of weakness, physically and mentally and menstrual pains for women. Pessimism and irritability/anxiety (sometimes experienced as extreme-panic attacks) can be mental/emotional problems related to the mineral when it is not in balance. It’s also a wart and cancer treatment remedy – interestingly science is finding that arsenic is useful for fighting cancer.(1)

Facial diagnosis
• scratches/scratching the face
• narrow cheeks
• scales
• scaly eczema
• sometimes preceding eyes(puffy above eyes with a skin break on lid)

Potassium bromide, or kali brom is actually a well known homeopathic remedy. Its uses are similar as a cell salt. It has an affinity for the nervous system and skin especially. Neuralgias, insomnia and sleeplessness are large parts of the picture. Fatigue, nervousness and sometimes skin conditions such as eczema when in such a state too, are all hallmarks of the salt being needed. Mental fatigue from overthinking and worrying. Melancholic depression related to this over-strain of the nervous system and brain are common. It is used in homeopathy as a sleep remedy too and is known to have an affinity for the nerves. It was also used in allopathy as a sedative but was quite harsh to the body in crude form and can become toxic.

Facial diagnosis
• protruding eyes
• tired eyes
• pimples
• worried look

Potassium Iodide, or Kali Iod (as it is often referred to homeopathically) is known for being useful in treating thyroid disorders both homeopathically in potency and as a tissue salt. Iodine is vital for balanced thyroid function, as research now shows (2) and this is part of the potassium salt. The patient is often overweight due to the hypothyroidism and mental complaints usually stem around sadness and anxiety related to their condition.
There is physical weakness and often hypertension. Often the thyroid gland and other glands can also be inflamed.

Facial diagnosis
• goitre
• constant clearing the throat
• protruding eyes
• reddened eyes
• sweat on the forehead

Lithium chloride. Or lith mur as it is often known has quite a big mental emotional sphere too it. It’s useful in treating rheumatic pains if the diagnoses fits too. There is an affinity for the brain and nervous system. Interestingly, lithium has been found to be needed for good mental function in modern science. Conditions such as ADHD and bi-polar arise from a lack of the nutrient (3). The patient who needs this often has such conditions or shows mood swings, indecision, discord (disagreeable/de-harmonised)
and low mood fluctuating with erratic moods. Spinal problems, eczema and chronic fatigue are also common when there is a deficiency of this vital trace mineral.

Facial diagnosis
• frequent blinking
• eczema
• reddened eyes
• swollen eyes
• tired look

Manganese sulphate, or mang sulph is a cell salt that is needed for the formation of healthy red blood cells, healthy metabolic function and a functional nervous system. Its a big anaemia cell salt. Modern science has shown to some degree now that manganese as a trace mineral is critical for having healthy levels of iron in our bodies( 4), This link also talks of its importance for metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. It’s a remedy for blood sugar balance and diabetes, which correlates to this.
Arrogance and depression are mental symptoms to look for. A rheumatism remedy, which is related to its ability to assist at forming connective tissues and its ability to lower blood sugar levels and inflammation. For this reason it’s also useful for arteriosclerosis. Excessive bleeding of any kind (such as menstrual), can be an indicator for this remedy.

Facial diagnosis
• scaly rashes
• paleness
• tired expression
• yellowish complexion with darkness under eyes

Calcium sulphide is actually the pure form of a big homeopathic remedy, hepar sulph. It differs to the other tissue salt , calc sulph in the sense there are two sulphur ions attached to the calcium. This tissue salt has a strong affinity for the skin and mucus membranes. It is involved in detoxification and metabolism, and key complaints are often loss of weight, amalgam poisoning (heavy metal poisonings) and rheumatism.
Constipation is often seen and poor elimination of waste from the body. Varicose veins and poor wound healing are other keynotes for this remedy. We may see rheumatism caused by poor elimination of toxic substances from the body. The mental emotional profile is more vague, but there is despondency and if its similar to hepar sulph, probably some anger and fieriness. There can be a lack of courage, too much self awareness and worry, similar to silica and iron phosphate. If you think of the sulphur aspect of this, it is a large part of the molecule and it seems to play a large role in its picture which is that of detoxification, stagnancy etc.

Facial diagnosis
• tired look and deep creases on the forehead
• cradle cap with babies
• creases that run from the eyes down the cheeks (abnormal amounts)

Copper arsenite, or cuprum ars as it is also known, is a salt made from copper and arsenic, which again sounds quite toxic. Indeed, in an excess of crude form it could indeed be. In terms of “micro nutrition” (micronutrients) though, it has a role to play within the tissues of our body. With this remedy, think of the skin, nervous system and digestive system first. It is a big immunodeficiency, asthma and heavy metal poisoning
remedy. It should be one of the first things that comes to mind for a patient that shows a big collection of heavy metals in functional testing (silica, calc sulph/sulphide are also useful here). Weak nerves are usually present here, often due to the endocrine and nervous system dysfunction caused by toxic accumulation of metals. Any immunodeficient chronic disease will benefit from this call salt too. Pessimism, disinterest, irritability and self pity can be mental symptoms to look out for.

Facial diagnosis
• pale skin
• bluish skin (inner corner of eyelids especially)
• frequent gulps by salivation
• sweaty

Potassium aluminium sulphuricum, or kali alum sulph, is definitely one of the more niche cell salts and not a widely known substance or remedy. This is a salt compound made from potassium, aluminium and sulphur. The main affinity this tissue salt has is with the skin and the muscular skeletal and motor system from what limited knowledge is available. There are usually symptoms of very dry mucus membranes in the body, a general theme of lack of mucosal function. This is a remedy that has quite a bit of flatulence due to the intestines not eliminating and shifting food and waste very well. There is a real theme of sluggishness, with the body not shifting and producing things like it should. Muscles and tissues can be thin and weak, lacking perkiness and form, similar to calc fluor. A big eczema remedy as you would imagine, and it shares that dryness with alum as a homeopathic remedy. The remedy appears to have use for ear wax issues too (bodily secretions theme). The mental picture is quite vague at this stage, and seems to revolve around mental exhaustion and chronic worry/over-thinking.

Facial diagnosis
• excessively dry skin patches with thin looking skin
• crusts in the nose
• scratches/cracks on the skin

In the next series I will cover the remaining seven forgotten cell salts in the best detail I can. Bare in mind there is less available information on them so it will be good to further your research as best you can yourself, and even look into the homeopathic proving or uses which are fairly similar. I highly recommend Tim Goyetche on YouTube for deeper information on cell salts of all kind – he provides facial diagnoses and detailed information on their pathological effects. He also has cases of curing and helping other.

Useful related links:
1 https://www.cancerhealth.com/article/arsenic-key-fighting-cancer
2 The relationship between iodine and thyroid function/dysfunction
4 https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/manganese-healthprofessional/
5 https://www.youtube.com/user/WitchDoctorTim (for further information on cell salts)

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