Professional Homeopathy Course, Fourth Year Student Articles

In 2013, The Contemporary College of Homeopathy was asked to contribute several articles to an online Homeopathic journal which is published in the United States.

When we proposed this to our fourth year students, they were enthusiastic about the prospect of researching and writing these articles.

Six months later we had several very interesting and well considered pieces detailing parts of homeopathic practise, and the experience of being a homeopathic student. These articles were all accepted and published last year.

With this in mind, we decided that we would carry this idea on to our current fourth year students and introduce it as a final year project. Allowing the students to choose their own area of interest and expertise has brought about some insightful and exciting writing.

Click a link below to view the article:
Emma Hawkings Byass article
Homeopathic Awareness Project for Year 4

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