Ghana Homeopathy Project

The Contemporary College of Homeopathy mentors homeopathy school in Ghana

The Contemporary College of Homoeopathy supports the Ghana Homeopathy Project, a charity with the vision to work in partnership with Ghanaians, provide affordable homeopathy in Ghana at village level, and to train homeopaths to the highest international standards. Together with their Ghana partners, we have founded the Premier International School of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine in Accra, which offers a 4 year Diploma course in Homeopathy. This is the first ongoing 4 year training programme in homeopathy in W Africa.

In order to attain independent status in Ghana, all tertiary training programmes must be mentored by an existing institution. The Contemporary College of Homoeopathy mentors and supports the new school, sending volunteer teachers as part of the Ghana National Accreditation Boards requirements. This is a major 10 year commitment that will potentially enable thousands to receive good quality homeopathic treatment. The School in Ghana has 15 students at present and runs a clinic. The students are passionate about homeopathy and delighted that they can be part of this ground breaking venture.

For more information see The Ghana Homeopathy Project website

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