Shelley Payne

A personal experience from Shelley Payne, Professional Training Course graduate 2013

CCH has been a huge part of my life for the last five years. I came to an introductory course held by Nicky, Helen and Lin in November 2008 and from that moment forward I was hooked. The feeling of the college, the lecturers, the homeopathy, I knew this was the path for me.

I experienced several close encounters with homeopathy during the previous twenty years of my life, I suppose it grew alongside me. As I matured I began to realise pharmaceutical medicine only removed the symptoms, it usually failed to cure, and once put onto medication you’d have to stay on it for life. In my mind this seemed wrong and disease didn’t make any sense – if a virus or germ was to blame for an illness, why didn’t EVERYONE exposed to it become ill with the same symptoms? Why cant doctors find a cure for these labeled diseases? What causes the body to become diseased in the first place? Why can it not recover fully?

After that one weekend with three excellent homeopaths, I saw the whole picture from a different perspective, homeopathy made sense. I knew it would be a long journey with a huge amount to learn, but I understood for the first time about disease and how it affects us all differently.

I was treated as a patient in the student clinic during winter 2008 and throughout 2009. I shocked doctors with my rapid recovery from a little known disease, avoiding an operation. My children improved in health and well being after attending also. My husband was amazed at the first appointment, how every detail was discussed and noted. He used to be sceptical, however is now a firm believer and has learnt a fair amount over the years, seeing me, our children and experiencing first hand the college clinic has been key to his belief in homeopathy.

When I started as a student in October 2009, I felt at home in the college from the very beginning, the other students were friendly and chatty, all of us had an interesting story to tell. The lecturers were open and easy to talk to, their knowledge from the very first day was clearly vast!

College life has been a fantastic experience, I have met more inspirational people in the last four years than in the previous 33 and I’m a sociable person!

Mike, Dion, Nicky and the team have lead the way, teaching and empowering us all during every lecture, of every month, of every year. Their knowledge has been abundant and this has been passed to us without secrets, codes or special passes. They have opened all the doors to allow us to gain all the knowledge in a structured, yet absolutely voluntary way. Absolutely inspirational learning.

To graduate from CCH in July 2013 has been one of the most important dates of my life. It is the belief of Mike and the other college lecturers that they are happy to send me into the world as a qualified homeopath and that I have achieved all they set out for me. I feel confident and able to set up on my own in practise, I have a clear path to follow, that I have chosen and all I have to do is walk one step at a time, acquiring life skills and experience as I go. I know where to turn for help at any time and I feel fully supported even though I am no longer a student.

Thanks & gratitude to Mike, Dion, Nicky & all at CCH.

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