Why should you consider studying homeopathy?

If you are considering developing your career or looking for a change in direction then consider alternative therapies and homeopathy. Read the short piece below from one or students at the Contemporary College of Homoeopathy in Bristol.

I am in my second year of training with the Contemporary School of Homeopathy, in Bristol. I decided to train because homeopathy has been a passion of mine for most of my life and I wanted to understand more.
On my very first introductory day at the college I attended a lecture on Acids taken by Tony Hurley. It was brilliant.  I was suddenly in a world were homeopathy was being talked about, in a world were the language that I had studied through books was being spoken. I was so excited, I could feel the vital force surge through me and didn’t sleep for nights. Starting college was amazing. As our year group gradually assembled, and I realised I was in the company of twelve people who had all come together to begin this journey. As the first day unfolded I also realised that these people were quite extraordinary. They, we, all brought gifts, knowledge and insights from our lives that were now amassed in one room. The energy was fantastic, it was buzzing.  It was like we were all hungry for knowledge, like baby birds our mouths were wide open, waiting for the tutors to feed us with answers to the myriad of questions we fired at them. Like we wanted to know everything all at once. One of the surprise was for me was how much I enjoyed Anatomy and Physiology I had been dreading it. I knew that it was a compulsory part of the course for the first two years and I was scared that I would not be able to measure up. However when we got started, the way it was taught made it very accessible and fun. I was amazed at how much I learnt and have retained. What is not on the curriculum is friendship, but it is there in spades. The love and support we all feel for each other as we move through this incredible process is endless. Even though many of us are spread all over the world. We come together once a month to learn from our very experienced and gifted teachers and I feel, have started to become integrated into the world of Homeopathy.

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