Ever wondered what is it like to be a homeopath?

This month sees the launch of Homeopathy Awareness Week. We are making a concentrated effort to tell people about our experiences as homeopaths and how homeopathy has helped our patients. As part of this campaign, I wanted to share with you the story of one of our graduates and her work as a homeopath; 

‘Skype appointment at 10:30 am. I find this a great way to keep in touch with patients when they move away and for new patients who are not in my geographical area. I also have a clinic in Newmarket (I live in Cornwall) so it is possible to see patients without travelling if necessary. Diary updates. I have had a couple of new voicemails asking for appointments so I return their calls and book them into clinic.

I phone reception at my clinic in Liskeard to check that their copy of my diary is updated. Good communication in this area prevents double bookings, which could make me look unprofessional! During the call I can check on what my list is like for Saturday’s clinic and ensure that my diary matches theirs. Luckily for me it will be a full day, which is great as it means I cover the costs of my petrol, parking and rent (very important).

Posting remedy to earlier Skype patient. I could ask them to order from a homeopathic pharmacy but I feel it is better ‘customer relations’ and part of the ‘healing process’ to post the remedy to them. The connection is more personal and the healing intention is passed along. Time for lunch and an hour’s CPD reading before my next appointment arrives. This is a past patient who is returning for further homeopathic support with hay fever and allergies. It is really important to keep updating my knowledge of Materia Medica and skills as it improves my confidence.

After the appointment it is time to update my FaceBook page and website. The use of social media is an important part of advertising not just myself and my practice but also homeopathy and its effectiveness. I have found that there are also many support groups on-line. This helps to remove the isolation that can be felt at times. I learn a lot from these groups too as remedies, practice & patient management issues are discussed in a safe environment. It also allows me to be in contact with other homeopaths globally and to share good practice & learn from them.

I also use email & text messages to keep in touch with colleagues from my college,The Contemporary College of Homeopathy in Bristol, local homeopaths for ongoing meetings, CPD days etc and study days. It is also a very useful way for patients to keep in touch with me too.

Finally some time is left in the day to spend writing the final part of the Introduction to Homeopathy course that I am delivering to patients who have expressed an interest in learning more about homeopathy. This has been quite a learning curve for me as it has taught me how to make homeopathy and the remedies accessible without going too deep into the subject, hard to do when you are passionate about a topic.

Diarise time in the next week for ensuring accounts are up to date and checking on stocks of remedies, bottles, labels etc. Thanks to CCH and their 4 year Professional Course, taught by amazing and inspirational lecturers
I am now able to work as a Homeopath with confidence and do a job that I love and that brings immense benefits to my patients. CCH gave me the ‘tools for the job’ & are always there to support you after you qualify with additional post-graduate courses and study days.

Now it is time for me to relax and garden or read to help me unwind – something else that we were made aware of to prevent us from ‘burn out’. Looking forward to whatever tomorrow brings as it is usually something not planned for. Moto: Expect the Unexpected & Enjoy – I do.’

Visit our website to learn more about becoming a homeopath: http://www.conhom.com/

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