Reflections after Graduation by CCH Graduate Class of 2017

Grad Group Mike

The Graduation Day was a most fantastic day. I couldn’t imagine it any better, it was fab!  I shall retain clear memories of certain parts of the day, Including Mike’s speech, which as always was inspiring and moving, and a reminder of how to live life and what is important. The humour as ever is part of him, and makes the day go with such a swing. And so did the Fizz, it was delicious.

Kate, I have not been very articulate about how much learning I have gained through your wide experience of homoepathy, and your gentle yet persistent way in which you make suggestions about which way to go. And your smile, whatever the weather. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

When I got home I made myself a big pot of tea and was perfectly happy to sit and think about the day. For 2 hours! Then I lay on my bed and practised saying “I am a Homeopath” in different voices !!! So funny. What is interesting is – it does seem right.

The day was a real tribute to 4 fantastic years of our Year being together, supportive, exciting and fun. So many disparate personalities, yet we all got along co-operatively, and all put something into the pot to increase the value of what we learnt.

I am really going to miss college. I must get the chorus line from Catrin’s Spanish song and hum it softly to myself….

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