The Ghana Project Update

The Ghana Project Update

The critics of homeopathy have argued that homeopathy is essentially placebo and only works for ‘the worried well’. This of course is nonsense and denies the great work of homeopaths at the homeopathic hospitals who dealt with serious epidemics in the past. They can never account for the benefits of homeopathy in treating animals by the notion of placebo.

The Contemporary College of Homeopathy is small but far from dealing with ‘the worried well’ it has been involved (and still is) with major charities and overseas projects with the aim of providing homeopathic healthcare for all- particularly those that cannot afford any kind of medical treatment. The Ghana Project is one such project which CCH sponsors. Linda Shannon is a lecturer at the college and has been heavily involved in this project which is involved not just in treating people but in training homeopaths.

Land has been bought and the building of a new school is going ahead.

Once a site visit has approved the building, then a homeopathic education ‘expert’ has to be flown in to look over the curriculum and documentation. The Ghana Project has to pay for it! Unfortunately the ‘expert’ can’t be from CCH as they have to be independent.

It is much more of a big thing to start a school in Ghana than in the UK because there is so much regulation – but the reward will be worth it if the course is accredited from within Ghana. The plan is for alternative medicine to be included in the country wide national health insurance scheme -which is affordable for lower income people

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