Teaching homeopathy in Istanbul

Teaching homeopathy in Istanbul

Opening emails is now a regular feature for all of us and spam is increasing daily. I nearly deleted one from Turkey but luckily took a closer look. It was from a lady called Nurten Ozkoray who is already running homeopathy seminars in Istanbul but wants to develop homeopathy there.

She invited us over and it just so happened the weekend she suggested we were free. Quite how someone from Turkey manages to hear about our school in Bristol never ceases to amaze me but it happens

For me above all things, the most important thing is to find people who are good to work with; people who are passionate and full of integrity. This is how homeopathy can move on and become a major influence in the world. We all need to work together so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. Here is a great opportunity for all of us.

We at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy have the expertise to help start some projects up and the students there, with Nurten at their head, have the passion and energy to make things happen. I have to mention that this energy is reflected in the city of Istanbul and the people who live there.

It is a stunning city and the people are as friendly and as kind as anywhere I have ever been before. I am hoping that maybe we can have some student exchanges so that our students can go to Istanbul and sit in on seminars and vice versa. It is early days yet.

I am returning in March to talk more and work out how we can link up with Nurten but it is certainly very exciting.

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