Watching George Vithoulkas Teach

At the Contemporary College of Homoeopathy we are very proud of our long standing association with George Vithoulkas one of the most known homeopaths still teaching today. I wanted to share a piece from one of our students, Stephanie Lyons, about her first hand experience of watching him teach;

I am a second year student at the Contemporary Homeopathic College in Bristol and I arrived here thanks to a link on the website of International Academy of Homeopathy which is directed by Prof. George Vithoulkas. I live in Italy and I have been interested in Homeopathy since the first time I came into contact with it through a lecture by my Homeopath about 25 years ago. . I began to go to lectures on homeopathy immediately and bought my first Materia Medica. But it was not until I was asked by a group of Italian Doctors to translate an e-learning course on Homeopathy given by George Vithoulkas that I began to take the matter more seriously. For two years I provided simultaneous translation for George Vithoulkas’ pearls of wisdom. I had read his book “The Science of Homeopathy”, which I liked very much, but I had no Idea of how important he was and how much he had contributed to Homeopathy until I heard him lecture. I consider myself very lucky to have had such an opportunity. During the two year course I was also invited by my homeopath to attend a week of live lectures and clinical case-taking by George Vithoulkas in Alonissos, Greece at the International Academy of Homeopathy.

Never would I have thought then that four years later I would actually enroll in a college to become a homeopath! It was a wonderful experience, and to meet someone of that caliber is really humbling. When George Vithoulkas teaches, you get the feeling that homeopathy is so much more than just looking deeper into remedies and figuring out cases: it is also about understanding the mysteries that govern life through sickness and health. He does it in a very down-to-earth way – no esoteric conjectures, but rather observations evident to everyone. Through his lectures I have understood Homeopathy to be a true science, a difficult one no doubt, but graspable thorough study and observation of facts.

I am now here studying Homeopathy with the hope of someday having my own practice. In the meantime, I want to pursue my dream to understand all I can, and to contribute in anyway I can.  Professor Vithoulkas holds international summer courses in Alonissos, Greece every year and he has a wonderful website full of interesting studies and learning experiences to look into.  I have been really lucky to be a student at these two schools and hope to continue learning long after I graduate – for the rest of my life I hope!

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