We are holding a free seminar in aid of The Ghana project

CONTEMPORARY COLLEGE OF HOMEOPATHY: BRISTOL. Is holding a free seminar in aid of The Ghana project. ‘The Methodology Maze.’ Will be free to students and practitioners and will be held on Sunday June 13th with Tony Hurley.

There are so many schools of homeopathy each training students with a different approach but there is one thing they have in common and that is the desire to improve the health of the planet. The college is determined not just to train students but also to be of service to the wider community. Homeopathy should be available to all and not just to students who attend the various schools and colleges. We want homeopathy to be out ‘on the street’ and not just in this country- hence this seminar.


Contemporary College of Homeopathy is looking to raise funds for The Ghana Project which it sponsors so please bring a donation and give what you can afford.

The Ghana Homeopathy Project began 4 years ago when homeopathy was introduced to a Primary Health Care clinic in a village area near the river Volta in Ghana. The villagers who came experienced benefits from their treatment and the local health care workers became inspired to study homeopathy. Since then the project has grown a lot and the management team has expanded to 3 people, Linda Shannon, Grace Da Silva -Hill and Angie Metzger. Many volunteers have travelled to Ghana to help with the project. In Ghana now there is a permanent clinic in Mafi Seva village and the trainee homeopath there, Emperor, has a real talent for homeopathy. Local people sometimes walk many miles to see him.


There are clinics and training programmes in the village, in Accra and in Kumasi, Ghana’s second city. Many volunteers have travelled to Ghana to help train local people and run clinics. The Project has also enabled Ghanian homeopaths and students to study in India and for skilled Indian homeopaths to go to Ghana.


The vision is the establishment of homeopathy as a recognised part of the health care system in Africa and Ghana in particular. The team know from experience in India how much homeopathy has to offer as an integrated part of health care in developing countries. They have found that the best way to work is to join with local partners and offer opportunities for training and education to local people, especially if this is clinic based.


Together, the college, the team, and your support will make homeopathy available to deprived communities as a valid and affordable form of treatment. The Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Bristol, where Linda Shannon lectures, has supported the project from its beginning. The team are also grateful for the support of the homeopathic community and hope you will come to this seminar, enjoy the experience and support a good cause!

If you would like to find out more about the project or volunteer to go to Ghana please contact Angie Metzger on 0208 208 0940.

See www.ghanahomeopathy.org

And http://www.justgiving.com/ghanahomeopathy


The Venue is CONTEMPORARY COLLEGE OF HOMEOPATHY, BRISTOL. Please click here for the location.

Bookings through Linda Shannon telephone 01305 824996 who will also tell you more about the Ghana project if you wish.

The seminar starts at 10.00am and finishes at 5.00pm.

The seminar is free to all but you must book a place in advance. Places will be limited so please be sure before booking as cancellations or non attendance deprives some one of a place and homeopaths in Ghana of a possible donation.


About Tony Hurley

Tony is one of the most experienced lecturers in the UK. He witnessed the resurgence of homeopathy in the late ’60s and early ’70s. He studied with Thomas Maughan, a leading figure and a major influence on present homeopathic thought. After travelling to India, Tony returned to teach yoga and started practising as a homeopath in 1982. He studied Transpersonal Psychotherapy with Ian Gordon Brown and in the mid-80s was one of a group of students studying under George Vithoulkas. He is lecturer of materia medica at The Contemporary College of Homeopathy.

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