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Welcome to the contemporary college of homeopathy news page. Running a school of homeopathic training is fairly time consuming for staff and students and it is easy to get a little bogged down with the administration details of the homeopathy course and not pay attention to the bigger picture. The bigger picture for us is getting ourselves known in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area. Part of the responsibility of a homeopathic training course is to offer its services to the outside community. Any good homeopathy school needs to give its students solid practical training and, by offering free treatment and free medication to patients, we go some way towards this.

Then there is the international community. Our little homeopathy college is involved in world affairs too! We help to sponsor the Ghana project. We will keep you updated on this project through these pages shortly. Homeopathy has been unfairly described as a therapy for the ‘worried well’. When you see the successful use of homeopathy in the hospitals of India and so many other countries and how effective it is in treating life threatening diseases and conditions, you will realise how devoid of truth such statements are. One of our lecturers regularly takes students from our homeopathy school to visit hospitals in India so that they can observe the use of homeopathy in surgical and clinical conditions.

In the present climate there is a campaign by a small number of fanatics to discredit the use of homeopathy. We will keep you informed of their whereabouts not so that you can avoid them but to provide entertainment for you. Their major argument is that homeopathy is no more than placebo. There is a placebo effect in any form of therapy including orthodox medicine. It is something which is very interesting and worthy of much research. Nevertheless the argument falls a little flat when we come to consider the use of homeopathy by vets. When a herd of cows are treated successfully for mastitis by homeopathic medication, are we to believe that the vet simply persuaded them to get better? This is a view put forward by people claiming to be ‘scientific.’ Here at the homeopathy college we would call it something else.

On a more local note the move from Exeter to Bristol has been highly successful. Emmaus House with its gardens, views and serene atmosphere is absolutely ideal for a homeopathic training course and the surrounding area of Clifton with its bars and restaurants is great for relaxing after a busy day in clinic or lectures. Feel free to visit us. We see ourselves as a friendly homeopathy school (most are) and while we are mainly geared up to offer homeopathic training courses we are always happy to show people around.

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