Supervision day, part of the professional training course

The Contemporary College of Homeopathy recently hosted its first Supervision Day, a new optional extra as part of the Professional Training Course. Ex-graduates of the college, alongside present students made for an informative and exciting programme, which included case taking tips, layers prescribing and long-term case plans. Many cases were discussed which made for a packed and interesting day.

It is great to realise you belong to a community and are not just working alone. The main lesson is that however much you think you know, it is also true that you need to keep practicing and analysing different cases from pathology, to mental and emotional symptoms repeatedly to see the basic principles hold true.

The great difficulty when practicing homeopathy is; at every stage selecting the appropriate symptoms and knowing how to reduce a case to the basics. When is a miasm active or not? When to prescribe on pathology and when to prescribe on ‘the constitutional’. It is truly wonderful to hear a complex case reduced to its ‘bare bones’ so that what seemed impossible at first becomes simple and obvious.

A great day was had by all!

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