Belgrade Seminar Lecture

Belgrade Seminar

In November 2014 Mike Bridger and his colleague Mira Beattie ran a two-day seminar in Belgrade. Over 40 homeopaths attended the seminar, travelling from as far as Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Turkey.

The major focus on the day included homeopathic topics such as basic philosophy, remedies and their depth of action, as well as Mike’s passion for remedy relationships and maps.

The event went down ‘a storm’. The day allowed for introductions to fellow homeopaths including Burnett, Ellis Barker and other less fashionable homeopaths that have had such a great influence on modern day homeopathic thinking.

After the seminar a traditional Serbian meal was enjoyed by all in attendance, and also a little Serbian dancing! The next day poor Mira who had the job not only of lecturing but translating Mike’s talks, ended up ‘translating’ his words back in English. Much laughter was had by all, and just shows that if a seminar can be fun then the learning and work is easier.

The weekend was so successful that two further seminars for the New Year are already fully booked! Please contact Mira through her Facebook page for further information:

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