CCH And How I Got Here by Kathryn O’Shea (CCH Student)


I decided to study homeopathy after my experience of being treated homeopathically had changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. I was taking allopathic medication in ever increasing doses, and my situation was spiraling dramatically – within two days of homeopathic treatment the results were astounding. I stuck at it, and the transformation in my life was so profound that I needed to share this gem, that so few people I knew had heard about.

As a 4th year student I just can’t believe how quickly the time has passed!  It seems like only yesterday I was reading the website, making my inquiries and popping along to the open day!

I just can’t fully explain the kind of journey the course is – as well as learning so much about homeopathy, I feel I am learning so much about myself and that I am growing as a person the more I get into this.

The live clinic is where it gets real!  We get to put into practice what we are learning, and to see real people, with real issues, that want our help. There is quite a shift from the second to the third year, and a sense of duty. We aren’t just talking about a remedy now, we are hands on helping, and it’s where it all seems to come together. The clinic is extremely professional and the level of supervision allows students the freedom to experience and explore whilst being guided appropriately to ensure the case is managed correctly.

The college feels like a family, and there is a huge sense of support, genuine care and encouragement.  The tutors have such passion and knowledge that I feel privileged to be taught by such people.

As the course is four years long, much happens in life, and it is not always easy. There have been times that I have been caught up in other things, and have had to really push myself to get there, however I am always glad that I have, because I leave at the end of the weekend having experienced so much, and being lifted by my environment.

I’ll be so happy to graduate, but at the same time I will be so sad to leave as it really is something special.

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