Why become a Homeopath? Alice Gifford’s story

Alice Gifford worked in the travel industry for twenty years, a career that culminated in running an Adventure Travel Business with her husband.

“I was fortunate to travel through my career and came to visit some remote places where people did not have access to medical care, as we know it in the west.”Alice observed how the locals were instead using alternatives, traditional remedies, to treat their ailments, and successfully. This sparked her interest in complementary therapies and she spent time over the next eight years studying Reiki healing, and reading about different therapies, including homeopathy.

When her daughter was sick from a young age with recurrent chest infections and pneumonia, and then diagnosed with asthma and eczema, she took her to a homeopath. “She had already been treated frequently with antibiotics; she was only fifteen months and very ill, and about to be admitted to hospital. The homeopath worked closely with me for my daughter for the next six months. I was astounded at her increasing health and vitality, and she has not had to use antibiotics or steroids since. “Through working with the homeopath for my daughter I started to learn about homeopathy and gradually built a homeopathic home kit, which became the first port of call for all minor ailments in the family.”

As Alice learned more about different remedies the home kit expanded and her confidence to use it for treatments increased, too. This experience had a profound effect on Alice and she enrolled to study at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy as her daughter approached her fourth birthday. “I live in in Somerset so its location in the centre of Bristol meant that it was easy to the reach the College. I was also drawn by the experience of a varied team of lecturers, and the genuinely friendlyand supportive approach which was evident from the beginning.

“The course provided the challenge I was looking for in a new career and has been positively life changing!” Alice now runs her own practice in Wells, and offers a clinic at the Remedy Centre in Wells. She alsoprovides home visits as well as Skype appointments.“The teaching clinic, where we were seeing up to eight patients a day, gave a very good experience of what a busy clinic is like. This practical teaching element of the course gave me the confidence to set up in practice on graduating.”.

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