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Belgrade Seminar Lecture

Belgrade Seminar

In November 2014 Mike Bridger and his colleague Mira Beattie ran a two-day seminar in Belgrade. Over 40 homeopaths attended the seminar, travelling from as far as Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Turkey. The major focus on the day included homeopathic topics such as basic philosophy, remedies and their depth of action, as well as […]

Supervision day, part of the professional training course

The Contemporary College of Homeopathy recently hosted its first Supervision Day, a new optional extra as part of the Professional Training Course. Ex-graduates of the college, alongside present students made for an informative and exciting programme, which included case taking tips, layers prescribing and long-term case plans. Many cases were discussed which made for a […]

Society of Homeopaths register accredited by 
Professional Standards Authority

The Contemporary College of Homeopathy is delighted to see that from now on patients will be able to choose a homeopath belonging to a register vetted and approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA). This register, The Society of Homeopaths voluntary register, has been accredited under a new scheme set […]

Homeopathy and the NHS

The impression many people have is that the terms ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary’ which are applied to other systems of health care are little more than an interest for a minority of people. The only small thing about homeopathy is the dosage of medication given to patients. It is in fact the second major health care […]

Graduation 2013

The graduation this year was of course a celebration of the students who are qualifying. Nevertheless, it is also a sad affair because it is the end of an era. We staff have known these students throughout their four year professional training course and they of course have got to know us. There were a […]

The Ghana Project Update

The Ghana Project Update

The critics of homeopathy have argued that homeopathy is essentially placebo and only works for ‘the worried well’. This of course is nonsense and denies the great work of homeopaths at the homeopathic hospitals who dealt with serious epidemics in the past. They can never account for the benefits of homeopathy in treating animals by […]

Ghana Homeopathy Project

The Contemporary College of Homeopathy mentors homeopathy school in Ghana

The Contemporary College of Homoeopathy supports the Ghana Homeopathy Project, a charity with the vision to work in partnership with Ghanaians, provide affordable homeopathy in Ghana at village level, and to train homeopaths to the highest international standards. Together with their Ghana partners, we have founded the Premier International School of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine […]