My Homeopathy Journey by Lucja Miniewska (CCH Student)


I am in my first year and it has been an amazing adventure so far!

I never thought that I would be intrigued by Homeopathy, but somehow I started my course at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy in Bristol.

The first time I came across homeopathy was when I was pregnant. I was working in a primary school and I was given a letter by my midwife to book myself in for vaccinations. Then something told me not to do it and that is how I started to look for alternative solutions. Before my pregnancy I had some problems with my liver. I had some acupuncture treatment, then I was pointed towards an herbalist (both ladies did great job at fixing my liver by the way!) and one of them suggested homeopathy. I phoned a homeopath and was very sceptical about it. I had lots of questions in my head; is it safe for my baby? Is it safe for me? How does it even work? I started to research the subject and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I decided to try it and for the first time I did not get the flu in the winter time, then, my sinus problems disappeared. How bizarre! I had been fighting that problem for a few good years. I discovered many new and positive changes and I was seeing my homeopath regularly. My family started to use it including my youngest. Teething was not a problem anymore, neither was impetigo nor ¬†cough’s. Things have shifted and I became more aware of health and how to maintain it well. I am very much into good, whole food at the moment because I want to maximise my energy levels. I can say it works beautifully and I feel confident at treating colds etc. It is such a good feeling to have that safety net and knowing that actually there is something which can help you and your family quickly and efficiently.

I wanted to do something about it and then my first thought was to become a homeopath and treat people who need to restore their health. I didn’t think it would be possible for a couple more years. But my homeopath mentioned that there is a college in Bristol. So looked at the website, approached Mike Bridger and I was invited for an open day. I got hooked and now I am in my fist year. The tutors are very experienced and there are lots new things for me to learn, however this is very fascinating. I am happy that I have been given this opportunity to explore and learn about homeopathy.


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